Making Money with Solar

  • Pay the same amount or less for your current monthly energy bill when switching to solar.  Financing is available and we even offer cash discounts!  Costs only continue to increase with your current energy provider.  Send us your energy bill and we can help you calculate your maximum savings!
  • Receive a Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) when you purchase your own solar energy system.  That’s more money that goes into your pocket!  The ITC won’t be available after the year 2023.  Be sure to take advantage of it while you can.
  • Add re-sale value to your home.  If you ever decide to move, people love to acquire a new home with solar power!  Even if you choose to take your solar system with you, we can make that happen.
  • Become a part of the green energy movement.  We already know that the earth needs renewable energy resources.  Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to reducing climate change!

Stay informed

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We’re here for you every step of the way.  We do everything for you from performing a roof inspection to filing an interconnection with your utility company and so much more.  Making the process stress-free is how it should be when acquiring solar.


Taking care of your solar energy system is quite minimal.  If you ever have a maintenance question, just call us directly! We want to help you by offering one-on-one personalized service.  We offer 1 free solar panel cleaning 12 months after your installation date.  If you run into any problems whatsoever, just call us!  We’re here to help.


Download the Solar Edge App in order to easily monitor your solar energy system’s performance.  Keep track of your home’s energy consumption in real-time.  You can calculate your maximum savings each month when using this app.




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    Roar installed on our primary residence as well as a duplex. I went with them twice because I know I can trust them. They are a company of integrity. Starts at the top with their leader David.

    Daniel S.

    Excellent experience. Great customer service! David and his team were more than supportive in making sure that everything was perfect!

    Michael T.

    From start to finish, Roar Solar made the entire process as seamless as possible. They were both responsive and informative when we had any questions or concerns.

    Katie T.

    Very professional.

    LAURA C.

    Roar Solar has done a really nice job installing and now maintaining my solar system. David the owner is conscientious and committed to customer care, and a wonderful person to do business with. My highest commendation!

    Daniel G.